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Come Join the Lightbulb Family
The Lightbulb Project Giving 02.07.2022
TLBP Family

The Lightbulb

Donate $1 or more

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Thank you, Lightbulb Family

If you give to The Lightbulb Project, no matter the amount, you are invited into the Lightbulb Family.  Family members are not only listed in our programs: they alone are invited to receive our monthly newsletter, to attend special Family events, and to participate in conversations open only to Family members.  Throughout the year, our Artistic Director will reach out to local or visiting Family members to invite them to casual gatherings with himself and other company members to get to know each other and to talk about whatever is on our mind.  All Family members are welcomed into special online Family forums and Family-only dialogue on all things Lightbulb.

The Lightbulb
Founders Club

Donate $100 or more

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The purpose of the Founders Club is to give an extra space to gather for those who have truly invested themselves in our beginning, perhaps in a more sacrificial way.  The Founders Club is for those individuals (not organizations) who give at least $100 at any point in 2022.  Each quarter, the Founders are invited to get together somewhere casual to talk amongst ourselves about things that matter to us.  Founders are also invited into online conversations about the Project that are exclusively for them.  And when a Founder goes to order a ticket or group of tickets, the question is always: "How much would you like to give for your ticket(s)?"  Posted ticket prices are irrelevant.  You say the price, even if it's zero dollars.  You're a Founder.  You see the show.  For life.

TLBP Founders Club

The Lightbulb Firmament

Donate $500 or more

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The Firmament is that collection of individuals and organizations whose gifts to the Project have been most notable.  The giving threshold for this exclusive group, in our first year of existence, is $500.  The names of these individuals and organizations will be given special honor in our programs and on our website throughout 2022, as well as in our inaugural Lightbulb Project publication.  And of course, individuals inducted into this first year of the Firmament will forever be among our Founders, as well.

TLBP Firmament

Become a Sponsor

Donate $1,000 or more

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Organizations who donate at this level or higher will have their logos appear as Sponsors of The Siegel on all our show promotions, including:

  • press releases

  • poster

  • print ads

  • promotional emails

  • the home page of our website

  • all webpages promoting The Siegel or selling tickets to it

  • the cover of our professionally-printed, high-gloss programs for The Siegel

And of course, Sponsors of The Siegel will also be forever included among the inaugural members of The Lightbulb Firmament.


Purchase Advertisements

We are selling space to advertise your business in both our programs and on our website.  We will work to make sure your ads are seen by the most people possible, from all regions and facets of Western New York! 

Purchase Advertisements

The Lightbulb Project gratefully acknowledges the support of the following individuals whose contributions make the promise of pay-what-you-can theatre a reality here in Western New York.

The Lightbulb Firmament

David Foster & Martha Manikas-Foster

Marjorie & Jack Lloyd

Peter & Constance Manikas

Kathryn McAneney & Thomas Manikas

Steve & Jana McNair

The Lightbulb Founders


Kevin Aagaard

Janet Hill

Angela Hoover

Michele Johnson

Mike & Rosalie Kiernan

Matthew & Terri Lloyd

John Long

Stephen & Sandy Mott

Peter Palmisano

Henry Porter

Maria Rogers

The Sleigh Family

Eli & Kailee VanBrunt

Leslie Fox Vathy

Gayle Wilson

The Lightbulb Family


Dr. Jeffrey Anker and Priscilla Young-Anker

Betsy Bowan

Joanna Brautigam

Mary Field

Sam Gaerte

Nathanial Higgins

Lyralen Kaye

The Liggett Family

David Lundy

Mary Kate O'Connell

Wayne & Beth Pitts

Alice Springer

Gary Wheelock

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