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The Lightbulb Project

Theater from the Heart, for the People

Who We Are

The Lightbulb Project presents The Siegel
The Lightbulb Project is:

a brand-new theater company based in Buffalo, New York whose mission is to find the spark of inspiration at the heart of each play and to let it burn with a light that is clear, sustainable, revealing, transformative, and available to all. 

We value an organic, collaborative process that creates fresh, connected, honest performances, uniquely present to every audience.​

We champion a ticketing policy that turns no one away based on the price of a ticket.  Patrons are encouraged to pay what they want and give as they're able.


a remarkable theatrical experience


artist-centered process


a profoundly inclusive and engaged audience community


The Lightbulb Project?

We are in pursuit of a new, fresh way to do theatre.

The Lightbulb Project is a company of artists seeking the pulse-quickening, heart-skipping experience of actors connecting on the stage in a live, fresh way, so that the unfolding event is something that has never happened before and may never happen that same way again. We seek an audience experience that senses they're the lucky ones: witnesses to something intimate, something meaningful, a story being told to them, for them, in that moment.

No matter who you are, we want you in the room.

The artists of the Lightbulb Project do not exist for ourselves.  We exist for our community.  Whether you're an athlete or an entrepreneur, a lawyer or a student, a tenth generation New Yorker or a refugee, we want you in the room. We want you in the Lightbulb Family.

Pay what you want. Give what you can. Come see the show!  And bring those you love with you.


It's about partnership.​

Live theater is a communal art form.  It not only needs the actors, designers, and producers; it needs a remarkably diverse group of patrons and donors to make everything tick.

By giving to The Lightbulb Project, you become part of the Lightbulb Family: a relationship that grants you access to exciting online conversations and live gatherings with company members.  Right now, in our first year, you also have a chance to become part of our exclusive, lifelong Founders Club.  And businesses can become sponsors, advertise in our programs and right here on our website, or engage with us in creative collaborations. 

Together we can make Buffalo an even better place for EVERYONE to work and play!

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